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The Listings page displays the properties that are advertised on the ListGlobally network.

The properties are usually ordered by creation date but can also be filtered by price and type of transaction (rent or sale).

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Limit on number of properties

Your plan can include a limit of properties that are available for publication. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan if you need to adapt your capping.

If you reach the limit, you have two options:

  • Increase the capping to publish all of your properties (upgrade).
  • Contact us to set a different rule for publication.

Publication rules

If you don't want to increase your limit, you can select a publication rule that automatically selects the listings that are going to be published:

  1. Most expensive first: the most expensive listings will be published in priority.
  2. Most recent first: the newest listings will be published in priority.
  3. Manual selection (available only for listings added manually): you choose which listings will be published or not. Using this publication rule, you will need to access the interface to manage which listings will be published. We suggest this option for advanced users who are comfortable with this process.

Property details

By clicking on a certain property listing on the Listings page, you'll see its details. All the information about the property can be found in the Details tab. 

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The Publication tab shows on which portals the property is published. Your listing might not be available on all the portals of the network because of the rules that those portals apply. For instance, luxury portals do not publish properties under $1,000,000 or some portals would not agree to publish listings if the number of rooms is not provided.

In the Publication tab, if the listing is published on a certain portal, it will have a green dot next to it. When clicking on the name of the portal, you will be redirected right to the listing published on that portal.

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For each portal of the network, the listing can have three different states:

  • Published (green dot): the listing is published and available on the portal of the network. Clicking on the portal name will bring you to the listing located on that portal.
  • In progress (yellow dot): the listing will be published on the portal within 24-72 hours. We don't have the backlink for your published listing yet, so if you click on the portal name, it will show a pop-up with all the portals where publishing is in progress. Clicking on a portal name will redirect you to the home page of the portal.
  • Rejected (red dot): the listing is not published and action is required to access the publication on the portal (e.g. missing number of rooms). All portals where the listing was rejected will be shown in a pop-up when clicking on a portal with the red dot next to it. As we don't have backlinks in the case when the listing is rejected, clicking on the portal name will bring you to the home page of the portal.

If the listing is mentioned as rejected on a portal, the reasons for this can be viewed by clicking on the word "Rejected".

Screen Shot 2023-06-19 at 15.44.52

Screen Shot 2023-06-19 at 15.45.20

The same works for the case when the publication is in progress for certain portals. Clicking on the phrase "In progress" will show the list of portals where publication is still pending.

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Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 11.54.18


Once gathered, the statistics on the number of views, searches and leads for your property will be shown in the Performance tab. It may take some time to gather enough data to show it but gives additional insights on how your listing performs.

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Listings can be translated into 28 different languages to represent your property on different local portals. You can learn more about our translation feature in this article.


The leads for your listings are available on the Inbox page in the top menu. You can learn more about checking your leads in more details here.