How to use your listing promotions

Learn everything you need to know about our tools to boost your listings

What is a listing promotion?

A listing promotion is a tool to boost the performance and the visibility of a listing. Every purchase allows you to elevate the placement of one listing in the search results. You can use and/or buy listing promotions from the Promotion tab that appears on the listing details page.  

How can I use my listing promotions? 

Once purchased, the listing promotion is available to promote one of your listing. The promotion can be passed from one listing to another and remains available until the subscription is cancelled. In order to provide consumers with enough time to view your listing and inquire about it, we recommend changing the promoted listing not more often than once a month.

How can I buy listing promotions? 

You can purchase listing promotions from the Promotion tab that appears on the listing details page, or from the billing section of your account.

What is a publishing category? 

A publishing category is what gives the audience and the performance to a listing. It is a mix of both the number of portals that your listing is being published on and where your listing appears in search results. For example, Premium is a high listing placement that gives you access to our full network of portals in 60+ countries. 

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If I buy listing promotions, what happens to them if my property is taken off the market or is sold? 

The subscription stays active until the promotion is set to non-renewing. If the listing gets removed due to a sale or it is taken off the market, the listing promotion credit will be freed up and you will be able to boost another listing. If you don't use the listing promotion for 24 hours, our system will automatically boost another one of your listings.

How do I cancel listing promotions?

You can manage the number of listing promotions that you have from the billing section of your account.

What happens if I cancel a listing promotion that I purchased for one of my listings? 

The listing promotions are attached directly to the listing they promote. Canceling a promotion will take effect at the end of the current billing period. 

Who should I contact if I have more questions?  

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.