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Inviting other agents to join your account

Don't sit there sad and alone, find out how others can join your account

Why would you invite people to join you?

You created a ListGlobally account but you are feeling a little bit alone. Don't worry you can always call your colleagues to come aboard and to publish their listings (especially if you are a broker and need to add your team into this account), check on their leads, or see how they are performing. 

Even though you will always have a general overview of your network, your agents or colleagues will also have the opportunity to manage their own business. 

How do you invite people to come aboard?

  1. Login into your account and click on photo icon. A dropdown menu will appear and then you click "My Account".

2. Go to "Users" and click on "More" (next to orange "Save account" button). Then click on "Add User".

3. Fill in all the details and click "Save user".

4. Your user will receive a notification and a link to set up his/her password. 

If you still have questions don't hesitate to contact us